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k9pro/ K9/Rehabor A/kF150/K3Pro/K3/k2
k9pro Automatic  soap dispenser(℃/℉)
No contact on hand of infrared thermometer
0.5S detection + 0.1-2S pump activity
Support voice broadcast (twelve languages, CH,  EN,  KO, PT, ES, JP,  IT,  DE,  FR,  RU,  NL,  AR,  )
Electronic digital tube display
Install Method:Nail hook/bracket fixing/desktop stand
K3PRO Automatic thermometer
No contact on forehead of infrared thermometer(℃/℉)
Spport voice broadcast (twelve languages, CH,  EN,  KO, PT, ES, JP,  IT,  DE,  FR,  RU,  NL,  AR,  )
2.8-inch LCD screen
Support(switch signal / pulse signal)
Support software and device setting(36--39℃)
Support(five levels of volume setting)
USB plug/4 AA batteries
Nail hook/bracket fixing/tripod
Complete export certification, best-selling East Asia/West Asia/Southeast Asia/Europe/Latin America/Oceania, etc.